Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What a Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend and managed to get all the boating in that we could. Friday was Kat's birthday and we had a great party at the marina. Troy got to sing and play guitar with Trey and Shannon. He sang so much that his voice was hoarse the next morning.

We sailed Different Drummer and Storyville, plus we managed to fit in a little time in the kayaks and dinghy. The weather was wonderful and we really enjoyed the weekend.

OK everyone - say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed. We may have a buyer for Different Drummer. I am hoping that we hear something this week. I really hope this works out because she will have a great new owner and we will only own one sail boat!!!!!

We had a great sail on Sunday afternoon with our friends Dan, Eric, Richard, Gayle, Kenny and Patrick. Plenty of wind and perfect sailing:

Troy - hove to and at peace with the world

Eric plays us a tune

Commodore gives knot tying lessons

Gayle and Kenny enjoy the afternoon

Dan and Patrick discuss sail trim!

To be at one with the wind is to be at home in the world. -- Richard Bode

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