Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Major Project

Troy got started on one of our major projects for Storyville. He began the task of installing the generator that will power the boat while we are at anchor. It's heavy and not only did Troy need to find a way to get it into the boat, he also had to get it over the engine in the boat's engine room and onto a pad on the opposite side of the engine. Not much room to maneuver in there!
Thankfully Troy had lots of great help from John, Patrick, Frank, Ted, Trey and Jim (hopefully I didn't leave anyone out). We were very appreciative of all the help! Here are some of the pictures of the installation process:

Lots of discussion at this point

He looks a little nervous!
Ready, Set
Here she goes!

Thanks Everyone!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Post - No Pictures

It's been so long since I've really posted a blog entry. The blog feels neglected! No pictures this time, just words (like a grown up book!).

Troy and I have had a lot going on. Seems like we are constantly on the go. I have some good news to report. Troy had another round of tests including a PET Scan on May 5th. His status remains NED (No Evidence of Disease). We are always so happy to get that result. It's been 2 years this month since Troy's surgery. We feel blessed and excited with each good test result that we receive. We were hoping that the doctor would let him go for 6 months before the next round of tests, but he only gave him 4 months. He has been going every 3 months so I guess that is some improvement.

I have kept a secret from my blog but I think it's time to come clean! I kept the secret because we weren't ready to let my employer know our plans and I try to keep in mind that the internet and this blog are not private but I've also come to realize that people probably don't care enough to reseach the plans of the Jones Family! :) The secret is that we plan to leave to go cruising in December of 2010. We are making plans for that date every day. We have so many boat projects in the works now so that Storville can be ready when the big day arrives. Here is a list of the current projects:

1. Generator (purchased but not yet installed)
2. Watermaker (won at Miami Boat Show but not yet installed)
3. Chartplotter (purchased but not yet installed)
4. Radar (you guessed it - we have it but not yet installed)

Those are the projects for the immediate future. There are plenty more waiting when those are finished. We haven't been able to sail as much as we would like because of the ongoing projects but we realize that it is for a greater good, i.e. lots and lots of sailing in the future.

We are excited and counting down the days until our crusing dreams come true. Only 18 months (82 weeks) to go. Our general plan is to leave Clear Lake and sail to Isla Mujeres, Mexico. After that, we will plan as we go. We are making these plans with our great friends Colleen and Steve on s/v Anchor Management and Patrick on s/v Wheee Doggiee. We even have a name for our group - Morcalyana. The boats that are planning to leave together are a Morgan (Storyville), a Cal (Wheee Doggiee) and a Tayana (Anchor Management) hence the name Morcalyana. We are having a great time getting our boats ready and counting down the weeks until departure. In fact, we are all planning a vacation to Isla Mujeres in July and we are calling it our recon trip!

Those are the current and exciting things going on with us right now. Since the secret is out I will try to start posting more information about our cruising preparations. This is a dream that Troy and I both share and we can't wait to get out there on our boat. I want to dive off the stern of Storyville into crystal clear blue water. I want to spear a fish. I want to cook it for dinner.

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. ~Henry David Thoreau