Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Major Project

Troy got started on one of our major projects for Storyville. He began the task of installing the generator that will power the boat while we are at anchor. It's heavy and not only did Troy need to find a way to get it into the boat, he also had to get it over the engine in the boat's engine room and onto a pad on the opposite side of the engine. Not much room to maneuver in there!
Thankfully Troy had lots of great help from John, Patrick, Frank, Ted, Trey and Jim (hopefully I didn't leave anyone out). We were very appreciative of all the help! Here are some of the pictures of the installation process:

Lots of discussion at this point

He looks a little nervous!
Ready, Set
Here she goes!

Thanks Everyone!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

well I see how it is- offer to help and get kicked to the side.