Thursday, January 24, 2008

Boat Pics

We just got the CD of the pictures from Escape's survey. The surveyor, Lou Stahlberg, did a great job. I would recommend him to anyone needing a boat survey. He took tons of pictures. Here's a link to a few of the better ones:

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"What's Your Boat's Name?"

At long last we have moved aboard our new boat. We're still in "name limbo" since we haven't been able to do the haul out and officially put Storyville on and remove Escape. We are hoping to get all that taken care of in the next few weeks, of course that means we will need a de-naming and a re-naming ceremony. Stay tuned for information. Meantime - we are living aboard s/v Escape.

We have discovered that Escape leaks like a sieve. Guess that's what happens when a boat is neglected for long periods of time. She's really in good shape otherwise. Just some stanchions that need re-bedding and minor stuff like that. If it ever stops raining maybe we could get some of that done. Until then, we will just keep mopping up water.

By the way - have I mentioned lately that we have a boat for sale???? Spread the word! Different Drummer is all polished up and ready for prospective buyers! Here's a link to some pictures: . She's been a great boat and we hope that her future owners will love her as much as we do. (Hint Hint Jim!)

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


We finally closed on our new boat! We moved her to her new home (our slip at Watergate, Pier 4) yesterday. We had intended to haul out as soon as we closed, but the boat yard is full, so we will have to wait our turn. Due to the situation with the slip we will have to move onto the new boat immediately.

It seems that some would like an explanation of the chosen name for our new boat. Well, here you go... Storyville is the name of one of our favorite bands. They were from Austin and played blues/rock. Two of their members were the rhythm section of Double Trouble, Stevie Ray Vaughn's Band. Their lead singer was Malford Milligan. On guitar was David Grissom and David Holt. We have been to see them live many times and their music has played an important part in our lives. Many of you may have heard Troy sing and play "Good Day for the Blues" which is one of their best known songs. Another one Troy likes to play is "Lucky". Besides - we happen to think Storyville is a pretty cool boat name. It will definitely be unique in the boating world.

Check out Storyville on You Tube:

There is another Storyville story. I think that the band possibly named themselves after the famous "Storyville" in New Orleans - the prostitution district of New Orleans from 1897 through 1917. I figure I might as well get that out there on the table! The district was named after city alderman Sidney Story who wrote the legislation to set up the district. Besides the expected activities, Jazz was the preferred music and the area was key in the development of Jazz. I guess you could say our boat has a musical name!

We had a wonderful weekend at Smith Point with the TMCA. A front blew through Saturday night and the wind picked up to about 35 MPH! Luckily we were secured to a bulkhead, but it made for a long night. Technically we were secured to the bulkhead by the wind. We couldn't have gotten out of there if we tried! The weather was perfect during the day on Saturday and Sunday. Not much wind for sailing, but great to be out on the water.

Don't forget to take a look at the post below this one and place your vote!

"For me, my craft is sailing on,
Through mists to-day, clear seas anon.
Whate'er the final harbor be
'Tis good to sail upon the sea!"
~John Kendrick Bangs

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Boat Purchase

It looks like we will officially own our new boat on Monday! It's time to reveal her name....

Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3

Choice 4

Now we need to decide on a font so that we can have her name put on her while she is out of the water next week. We want to make sure that it will be easy to read and I think we have our choices narrowed down to these four. You can help us decide by casting your vote on the poll above and to the left! (Note: Poll has closed #2 was the winner, followed closely by #1)

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Slight Delay

We've had a slight delay in the purchase of our new boat. Apparently the seller needed to re-instate the corporate status of the corporation that holds title to the boat. We are hoping that he will get it all squared away this week. We're disappointed, but are trying to be patient. Meanwhile - here's a picture of the interior. I know - it's mauve, but I am learning to love it!!!!

I know that we have already told lots of people the name of our new boat - hint: it won't be Escape! But I will wait a few more days before revealing her new name. As soon as we take possession we will haul her out and get her bottom painted and take care of a few other miscellanous "boat tasks" that can only be done while she's out of the water. We are both really excited and ready to get the process started.

We are planning to have one last sail with Different Drummer next weekend. It's the TMCA Past Commodore's Cruise and lucky for us, we will be sailing to our favorite destination - Double Bayou. I am hoping for good weather and lots of fun. We love Different Drummer and it will be nice to have one last weekend sail. By the way - thanks Philip - I hope we have a great Past Commodore's Cruise! Note: The Past Comodore has decided to lead us to Smith Point instead of Double Bayou. No matter where we go, it will be a great time on the water!

"A ship is always referred to as "she" because it costs so much to keep her in paint and powder." -ADM. Chester Nimitz

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year! Welcome 2008

We are both so excited to be starting fresh. Troy's health is good, we're buying a new boat - life is good. Last year at this time we were just getting started on Troy's "medical journey" that took a year to complete. We received his diagnosis on February 2nd, after at least a month of tests and worry.

We want to say thanks for all of the prayers this year. We have really been humbled to realize how many friends we have and how everyone has been such a wonderful help this year.

We had a great time ringing in 2008 with our friends at the marina. Yesterday I cooked black eyed peas and cabbage for everyone. No one seems to agree on which represents luck and which represents money - so we made sure to have some of both!

We are hoping to close on the new boat within the next week. The survey went really well and we are feel like we are making a good move. We will have plenty to do before we can move aboard though. First we will haul her out and get a bottom job done and then a little work on the rigging before she's ready to go.

A long december and there's reason to believe
Maybe this year will be better than the last.
~A Long December, Counting Crows