Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"What's Your Boat's Name?"

At long last we have moved aboard our new boat. We're still in "name limbo" since we haven't been able to do the haul out and officially put Storyville on and remove Escape. We are hoping to get all that taken care of in the next few weeks, of course that means we will need a de-naming and a re-naming ceremony. Stay tuned for information. Meantime - we are living aboard s/v Escape.

We have discovered that Escape leaks like a sieve. Guess that's what happens when a boat is neglected for long periods of time. She's really in good shape otherwise. Just some stanchions that need re-bedding and minor stuff like that. If it ever stops raining maybe we could get some of that done. Until then, we will just keep mopping up water.

By the way - have I mentioned lately that we have a boat for sale???? Spread the word! Different Drummer is all polished up and ready for prospective buyers! Here's a link to some pictures: http://imageevent.com/deanaj/dd . She's been a great boat and we hope that her future owners will love her as much as we do. (Hint Hint Jim!)

Trust your crazy ideas. ~Dan Zadra

"Life's a reach, then you gybe." -Unknown

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Anonymous said...

When Admiral Hun purchased her boat it had always been kept undercover. She did not want to live in a shed and demanded that the boat be kept in the sun (and rain). The only way I know how to describe it is that it was like living under a colander. We were having some work done on the boat and the guy called us and said that he would have left a bill for the work, but he could not find a dry spot on the boat to leave it.

“Living on a boat is like owning the most substandard housing you could possibly afford”.