Sunday, January 6, 2008

Slight Delay

We've had a slight delay in the purchase of our new boat. Apparently the seller needed to re-instate the corporate status of the corporation that holds title to the boat. We are hoping that he will get it all squared away this week. We're disappointed, but are trying to be patient. Meanwhile - here's a picture of the interior. I know - it's mauve, but I am learning to love it!!!!

I know that we have already told lots of people the name of our new boat - hint: it won't be Escape! But I will wait a few more days before revealing her new name. As soon as we take possession we will haul her out and get her bottom painted and take care of a few other miscellanous "boat tasks" that can only be done while she's out of the water. We are both really excited and ready to get the process started.

We are planning to have one last sail with Different Drummer next weekend. It's the TMCA Past Commodore's Cruise and lucky for us, we will be sailing to our favorite destination - Double Bayou. I am hoping for good weather and lots of fun. We love Different Drummer and it will be nice to have one last weekend sail. By the way - thanks Philip - I hope we have a great Past Commodore's Cruise! Note: The Past Comodore has decided to lead us to Smith Point instead of Double Bayou. No matter where we go, it will be a great time on the water!

"A ship is always referred to as "she" because it costs so much to keep her in paint and powder." -ADM. Chester Nimitz


Anonymous said...

Mauve looks beautiful to me and the furniture looks so nice!! Hope ya'll have a wonderful week-end.

Love to ya'll,

Anonymous said...

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