Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spiral Island

On this trip to Isla we met a very interesting and special person, Richi Sowa. Richi built a floating island in the lagoon on Isla. The entire island floats on plastic bottles. This is Richi's second island. The first one (the original Spiral Island) was near Puerto Aventuras and was destroyed by a hurricane.
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Richi is an artist and musician and it was a privilege and honor to meet him and get a tour of his incredible island. The island contains his home complete with a composting toilet, a solar oven and several other interesting accouterments. Richi was very friendly and gracious. We were sad that we met him on our last full day on Isla as he invited Troy and Colleen (and the rest of our group) back to jam with him. That would have been an experience to remember. Hopefully we will be able to meet him again when we return to Isla.
Here are a couple of web sites for more information on Richi and his island:

Some pictures from our 3 hour tour! LOL:

Foundation of the Island

View from the shore

View from the lagoon

View from the lagoon

View from upstairs

Richi giving us the tour

Steve and Richi have a conversation on the conch phone

Steve and Colleen enjoy the view

Floating bed
Shower and sink

Solar oven (the cake was pretty good)

Guest quarters

Richi's wish for us all!

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