Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On the Hard

The other day someone asked me when we were leaving to go cruising.  I calmly replied that we would be leaving sometime in December - the words came out like they have for the last three years, like December is some date far off in the future.   Then, as my heart skipped a beat, I realized that December is mere weeks away!  The time to live our dreams has arrived, almost.........

Just a few more things to do.  As I type this we are sitting in Storyville on the hard in Seabrook Shipyard.  For all the land lubbers reading this, that means Storyville is sitting on stands in a ship yard.  You have to climb a ladder to climb another ladder to get into the boat.  We're getting a getting lots of good things done while we're here.  A bottom job and a dripless packing gland are the two major reasons for the haul out, plus she's getting waxed and shined up too. 

The ship yard allowed us to stay on the boat and we are able to hook up to power so, here we are, climbing ladders to climb ladders.  Needless to say, we better be careful!  We're hoping that Storyville will be back in the water on Thursday.  She really is a mess right now, I'm living way up high in a construction zone and I can't wait to get her back in her slip and all cleaned up.

As soon as we're back in the water Troy will finish up the rigging replacements that he started prior to our haul out and then, we will be ready to head out.  We still have plenty of things that we want to get done, but there comes a time when you just have to head out and worry about the rest later.  We really want to get out of here in December and would like to spend New Years in Key West and then head on to wait for a weather window to cross to the Bahamas. 

I really will try to do better on keeping the blog up.  I'm still working a few days a week and plan on doing that for the rest of November.  Troy has some last minute jobs to do for Gulf Coast Composite and then, we will be cutting the dock lines - - - in just a few short weeks, you know, in December.

 Storyville with a naked bottom (don't look Ethel!)
 Nice new bottom paint - Ain't she pretty?
See, I told you, climb a ladder to climb a ladder!

Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. ~Grandma Moses


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