Monday, January 10, 2011

This Is The Life!

We are still here in Key West.  It's been so much fun but it's time to move on.  We will head out tomorrow for Marathon and Boot Key Harbor.  One step closer to getting over the Bahamas. 

We enjoyed spending the last couple of nights on the town in Key West with our friends Christy and Allen Huff.  They just happened to be here on vacation to celebrate Allen's 50th birthday.  We have also had a blast hanging out with our friends Ron and Karen Parsons from Kemah, they are here on their boat, m/v Summertime.  They have a truck here and have been wonderful about helping Steve and ourselves with last minute provisioning.

Troy and I finally got to go on a kayak adventure the other day.  We paddled over to some mangroves and had a look around.  It's so darn cool to be able to see what's in the water.  We saw several horseshoe crabs and lots and lots of sea grass.  No manatees yet.  We did find a really nice dinghy that had washed up into the mangroves.  It was a Caribe with a 15 hp Yamaha motor.  It was obvious that someone had lost it.  We called into the City Marina to ask if anyone had reported losing a dinghy.  They said that, yes, there had been a call.  The marina gave me the number to the person missing the dinghy and I gave them a call.  Boy were they glad to hear from us!  We rescued the dinghy from the mangroves and towed it back to the rightful owner. 

Key West is an interesting place to visit.  We have really enjoyed all of the live music, everywhere you turn there is music.  Everyone is really laid back and, even though some parts are really touristy, we have never felt pressured by anyone to buy anything.  The bicycles have been the perfect way to get around.  The weather has been gorgeous, just a little chilly at night, but, as I was riding my bike home last night, I was thinking that I need to enjoy the chill in the air, soon enough we will be wishing for a little cool breeze!

Here are some links to my Image Event site with photos that I have taken in Key West:

Key West Photos

Welcoming in the New Year on Duval Street

Check out the site and live comments on the photos if you want to.  I love comment (as long as they're nice! LOL)

Life is Good! ~Jake


Anonymous said...

Wish we were with you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time! Sail safe and don't forget to pack the Diet Coke! Darryl & Dawn

yui said...

I'm always excited on your new story.

Al and Kay Waghorne said...

Great to see that your maiden voyage is starting out so well. Lived the dream!

Al and Kay Waghorne said...

Great to see that your maiden voyage is starting out so well. Lived the dream!

I just love all the descriptive posts on your blog!

Anonymous said...

I see you are in Marathon! Gina & Bruce are somewhere around Sanibel Island heading for Marathon! They are not going to Key West. Elaine

Karen said...

Great pics of Key West - I didn't see any of the Southern Most Cafe during happy hour!