Thursday, March 10, 2011

George Town, Bahamas

We've been anchored in George Town for almost two weeks now and I can't believe that I haven't updated the blog in all this time.  My first and foremost excuse - lack of internet access.  It's not as easy as I thought it would be to surf the WWW.  Second excuse - we are just having too much fun to worry about it.  Every day seems to bring a new adventure.  We are here during the 31st Annual George Town Cruisers Regatta.  There are activities every day, lots of activities.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

Our hand from the Dinghy Poker Run 

We entered our dinghy in the dinghy parade and poker run.  We participated in the Coconut Roundup with our friends Ted and Millie from s/v Morning Glory.  Our team name was Glory Story.  We have hiked and swam and attended info sessions and yoga sessions and beach church.  We see loggerhead turtles swimming around our boat every day.  We see dolphins and lots of really big star fish.We've spent lots of time with our cruising friends and we wake up each morning and pinch ourselves to make sure this is for real. 
Yesterday we sailed in a race around Stocking Island.  We were on our friend Shane's Lagoon 41 Catamaran (s/v Guiding Light).  Part of the race includes a contest for the best dish baked underway (I made my famous award winning Sopapilla Cheesecake), the best photograph taken while underway (I broke out my camera and will try to improve on my N.N.G.P. status - Non National Geographic Photographer) and a contest for the longest fish caught while underway.  All while trying to win the race, of course.  We won't get results until tomorrow night at the awards ceremony, so wish us luck.  Word has it that we were the only boat to catch a fish, so it sounds like we will win that one at least!  It was a rush to reel in a mahi mahi.  I sure do look forward to catching more just like that one. 

The winning fish!

We are planning to stay here for another week and then move on.  We have loved the Exumas so much and the water is finally getting warm enough to enjoy.  I am looking forward to doing more spear fishing and fishing in the next few weeks. 

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Blackpoint, Exumas

Little Farmers Cay, Exumas

George Town, Exumas

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Anonymous said...

happy birthdat sister in-law

Anonymous said...

Hey Folks!!! Love all your pics!! I am SO jealous! Wish I could be doing what y'all are doing. Have fun...BE SAFE!!


Plombier Chatenay said...

Plombier Nanterre

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Troy took you some place nice for your birthday!!! :)

Be safe. Have fun. And punch your GPS location button every now and then. It makes me nervous when I look to see where you are and get a blank screen!

I love you (and Troy, too)!


Anonymous said...

Happy Early Birthday!! From Teri, Michael and Bella =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Deana & Troy. I will be in The Exumas the end of this month (Ap 29-May 5) to meet up with Gina & Bruce! I fly into Staniel Cay (north of Georgetown) and fly out a week later from George Town. Looks like the Exhumas are beautiful!!! Elaine