Sunday, April 17, 2011

Freediving Competition at Dean's Blue Hole

For the last couple of days we have shared a rental van with 3 other couples (Rene and Stacy, Terri and Ken, Stacy's parents, and L.A. and Susan) and we were able to watch the free diving competition today at Dean's Blue Hole.  As I mentioned the other day, Dean's Blue Hole is the deepest blue hole in the world.  It is 202 meters or 663 feet deep.  We watched Natalia Molchanova of Russia set a world record with a free dive to 100 meters (over 300 feet).  We could only see her descend to about 40 meters before she dropped out of site.  Her dive took 3:42 minutes.  It was incredible to be able to witness a world record.  We also watched while William Trubridge attempted to break a men's record for New Zealand.  He did not break the record today but he broke a world record last week by free diving unassisted (without the assistance of fins, using only breaststroke to descend) to 121 meters in 4:12 minutes, absolutely incredible!  I was so inspired that I am considering attempting to break my personal best which is approximately 4 meters at 20 seconds!

For more information on this crazy sport check out Vertical Blue's web site:  Vertical Blue

Dean's Blue Hole - Beautiful

Natalia with the judge showing a white card signaling a successful dive (WORLD RECORD!)

Natalia and William - both world record holders
Competition Site
I found a merman!  Check out the fins on that one!


Divers making preparations


Anonymous said...

Larry and I saw an IMAX of free diving, it is something to see and you are there in person.

Had lunch with Michele and Sonya today, the said "hi"

s/vJonNe' said...

Excellent topic, fabulous experience. Thanks for sharing it with us! Jon and Renne' aboard svJonNe'