Thursday, May 5, 2011

Adderley's Plantation

We visited the ruins of Adderley's Plantation on Long Island.  It was a cotton and live stock (cattle, sheep, and horses) plantation established in 1790 on 700 acres by Abraham Adderley, a British born subject from Nassau, Bahamas.  By 1820 Abraham had enlarged the plantation to cover 2,500 acres.  The plantation was devastated in 1927 by a hurricane that cost 200 lives on the island.  Sadly, when the eye of the hurricane crossed over the island people collected stranded fish on the temporarily exposed sea bottom and were drowned when the sea suddenly returned. 

We were surprised that the living quarters seemed so small.  It's obvious that the plantation life was a difficult one.

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It is so much fun to visit the thrift stores...the treasures are usually more that we expected :)