Thursday, August 30, 2012

Visitors on Board

We always ask our friends and family to come visit us on Storyville.  So far we have scratched our head and wondered why no one would take us up on that offer.  I mean, have you looked at the cost of chartering a boat in a beautiful location?  I thought people would jump on the chance to experience the cruising life without having to mortgage their home or sell their firstborn.  Then we started to wonder, maybe it's just us.  Maybe our friends can't stand the thought of spending a week trapped on a boat with us.  I mean, we do shower almost every day! Then we came to our senses and realized that, of course it's not us.  How could we doubt our fun-loving selves?  I guess one deterrent is planning the logistics of a visit.  Mainly, where do you fly to in order to meet a moving target?  Especially when that moving target is very much controlled by the weather and sea state.  That does make planning a little difficult, but we are now spending the summer in Luperon, Dominican Republic, so at least we are stationary for a while.

Well..... we finally got some visitors this year.  And the best part, some of them are willing to share their experiences with you and are writing blog posts for us.  I will be posting a couple of them in the next few days.  I thought it would be nice to let our readers experience a visit to Storyville from the eyes of the visitors. 

First up will be a post from my sister.  Her and my brother in law, Dave came for a 10 day visit here in the Dominican Republic.  We spent 5 days on the boat and another 5 days at an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Plata.  Her post will be coming soon.

Another visit was from our friends Damon and Marcie.  They caught up with us in the US Virgin Islands (St. Thomas) and sailed with us to the Spanish Virgin Islands (Culebra and Culebrita).  The funny thing about that visit - we met Damon and Marcie at the all-inclusive resort in Puerto Plata last year.  They really enjoyed meeting all of the crazy sailors and getting to know a little about our lifestyle.  They are interested in becoming cruisers so we invited them to come back and visit us on Storyville when they got a chance.  They actually took us up on the offer and we had a great time getting to know them better and introducing them to the cruising lifestyle.  I think they are hooked!  I will post their blog in the next few days.

Our beautiful daughter, Tory and beautiful niece, Zada, also came for a visit while we were in Puerto Rico.  I am still trying to get them to commit to writing for the blog, so we will see how that goes.  If they won't write about our fun visit then I will, and they will be at my mercy!

We also have some boat projects and community projects going on that I want to blog about, so stay tuned to hear more of the fun and adventures aboard Storyville.

If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself alone. A man should keep his friendships in constant repair. ~Samuel Johnson

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