Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Looney Bien

We've spent the last three weeks here in St. Thomas and the last three Saturday nights at a tiny Mexican restaurant called The Looney Bien.  Owned and operated by a Val, the head "looney", we've enjoyed great margaritas and Mexican food there as well as the live music every Saturday night, provided by Pony Jarrett and Tommy Hegarty.  Pony has been great about letting Troy play, even though it's not an official open mic night.  In fact, due to scheduling conflicts for Pony and Tommy, Troy has been asked to fill in next weekend.  Since we are looking a some pretty heavy winds in our region right now, we figure this is a good reason to hang out here for another week so that Troy can play the gig on Saturday.

If you're ever in St. Thomas, be sure to stop by The Looney Bien in Frenchtown!

Fun times were had by all!
Pat earned some tips for the band


marizela moya said...

Awww... has Val seen this? Really cute!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, guys....where's the picture of Charlie???? *lol* We've just loved having all of you here and will miss you sorely when you leave. Are you sure we can't order up some more rotten sailing weather to keep you here a few more weeks????

See you on Saturday night, hopefully!!

We'll bring Charley and Monkey if you say yes! *winks*

Val and Linda