Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dinghy Concert

Last weekend we had an awesome time at a dinghy concert sponsored by Le Phare Bleu Marina  here in Grenada. It was a blast! The marina tied a couple of barges together with a boat in the middle to create the stage and music was provided by Madison Violet  a band from Nova Scotia. Cruisers from surrounding bays dinghied over and rafted up for an afternoon of music and fun.

Thanks to Paul of Sheryl Shard of the TV Show (and boat) Distant Shores, for the great You Tube video! Click the link to check it out.

 I think the pictures will tell the story better than I can:

Silvio, Vee and Sadie s/v Blues Breaker
Cynthia and Mike s/v Minx
Hurri Cane Lisa and Sea Dog Dave s/v Ke' Ola Kai
Rene and Stacy s/v Pipe Muh Bligh
Luna and Troy s/v Storyville
Madison Violet
We even had a rainbow!
Keeping Luna cool!
I made it to the barge!
After Party! How many can we fit on Storyville?

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