Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Carnival - Carricaou Style

Oh, yeah, we had fun at J'Ouvert!
Every island in the Caribbean has it's own version of Carnival. They are at different times of the year and each island adds it's own unique flavor. The only other Carnival that we have been to was in Dutch Sint Maarten. What I remember from the parade there were lots of fancy costumes and, of course plenty of dancing and partying.

Carriacou even has a different Carnival than Grenada, even though they are the same country - they are different islands. Carriacou's Carnival coincides with Mardi Gras and so we were lucky enough to be here to celebrate.

The party got started on Sunday afternoon and continued through late Tuesday night, no, wait, make that early Monday morning.  We started our party by waking at 4:00 AM (yes, that's AM) to attend the J'Ouvert festivities in the neighboring town of Hillsborough. J'Ouvert, basically a big street party/parade, is a contraction of the French words jour ouvert, which means day break and we had to get up early to be there, so we fortified ourselves with bloody mary's, coffee and breakfast tacos with Chris, Denise and Christian on their boat s/v Anne Bonney. We were joined by Bob and Deb of s/v Chimayo, they have a local car and provided us with transportation to the party!

The party was already started by the time we arrived. Everyone was in a festive mood and people were painted in all colors of paint and some were covered in motor oil. These participants are called Jab Jabs and they will be only too happy to smear you with some paint. I think I could live here for years and not understand the symbolism of some of the costumes. Obviously emancipation from slavery is a big part of it, but it seems to me like there were so many nuances that could take a lifetime of living here to comprehend. One example was a woman in a nuns costume with a big fish hanging out of her mouth.

We managed to get back to Storyville sometime around noon and it was time for a long, long nap! Then, after we were rested up we returned to Hillsborough the next day for the Mas Parade and even more fun and entertainment. Everyone participated from the young to the not so young! What a great time we had.

See what I mean? I have no explanation. 

Everyone gets in on the action!

OK, you tell me......

Shaquille, part of our Granadian family.

Interesting. Wonder what's in the bucket!

Waiting for the parade.

Mr. Serious

Part of the Shakespear Mas.

Denise and Chris are in on the fun!

Love the Mocko Jumbies.

OK, here you go - some real Jab Jabs!

Youngsters in the parade.

A lobster on the street!

King Neptune?

Every troop had a huge sound system!

And of course, steel pan music. 

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!
Troy, Bob and Chris

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