Sunday, October 14, 2007

We're Here!

We are having a great time here on Isla. The weather has been sunny/rainy/cloudy. We've never been here at this time of year, most of the time we are here in the summer. It's kinda nice that it's not blazing hot. Lots of things have changed since our last visit, but it feels really great to be back. Especially with our new found appreciation of life!

We're sitting in a sports bar (Jax) and drinking a bucket of beer while we use the wireless inernet. Life is good and i'm so glad to be here istead of a hospital somewhere.. the Texans lost today but it's not the end of the season for them.... we are watching the Cowboys right now..

This is our test of posting in Spanish - all of the blogspot instructions and posts are in Spanish here. Hopefully we will have success!

This guy visits our patio each morning hoping Troy will throw him a peanut!


Anonymous said...

How great, sounds like all is well. Enjoy.

Mary & Larry

Anonymous said...

Love Isla,

Jax was one of my favorite bars there. Last time I was there the bass player for the house band was from Houston. I am jealous. Have a great time. King

Anonymous said...

So glad ya'll are having a good time and already made a friend there. Enjoy the rest of your time there.
Love ya'll,