Saturday, October 20, 2007


I know, I know - it's been way too long between posts. We had a blast on Isla Mujeres and as soon as we got home Troy took off on a Morgan 41' sailboat with some friends to help them get to Pensacola. He went as far as Houma, Louisiana and rented a car for the drive home. It took them about 7 days to make it to Houma in the ICW and about 5 hours for Troy to drive back home!

Troy is doing great these days. He had a visit with Dr. Jac (his oncologist) a couple of days ago. His bloodwork looks great the he will have a PET Scan before the end of the year. We are anticipating that he will get a NED (No Evidence of Disease) result from the PET Scan.

I will try to get caught up and start posting again. Hopefully everyone is still looking in every now and then.

Here's a couple of great pictures from our Isla vacation:

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