Monday, November 19, 2007

Double Bayou Sailing

We had an awesome sail over to our favorite sailing destination (Double Bayou) a couple of weeks ago. The weather was perfect and the sailing was great. We took our new friends John and Cheryl (s/v Buddha) with us. It was their first time to sail over and of course they had a great time. You have to try really hard to have a bad time over there. More new friends, Trey, Kat and Anne on s/v Dawn Treader also sailed over. We spent the weekend playing in the dingy and kayaks and trying everything on Ernestine's menu!

It was also a weekend cruise for several of the area sailing clubs so there were several sail boats that went up the bayou. The game warden was also really active that weekend. They were checking boats for registration and for proper safety equipment.

We did have a little adventure Saturday night. We had heard that there was a woman who broke her ankle on one of the boats that were up the bayou. They brought her back down on a small boat and she was taken to Anahuac by ambulance. Apparently they were not able to treat her at the Anahuac hospital so she was taken by life flight (seems a little drastic for a broken ankle) to Houston. The police brought her husband back to Channel Marker 17, but he needed a ride back up the bayou a couple of miles back to his boat. His name is Andrew and I really wish I could find out what happened with his wife. I'm sure everything turned our fine. Anyway - Troy, Andrew and I headed up the bayou - boy was it dark! The really cool part of the journey was the phosphorescence in the water. There was lots of bright green glowing "stuff" in the water. The prop on our dingy churned up the water and it looked like we had a light under there lighting up the water. Really cool looking.

We have plans to spend Thanksgiving at Double Bayou with the TMCA, but the weather is looking so bad that we are re-thinking those plans. We are really disappointed, but, on the bright side, I will get the spend the day with my family.

"The only way to get a good crew is to marry one."
~ Eric Hiscock

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qfmark said...

Happy New Year Troy and Deana,

Congrats on the test results Troy! Cancer Free 2008! Also great news on the award you received. Hopefully we can meet up with you guys in 2008 to see the new boat!

All the best,

Mark & Lisa