Monday, August 18, 2008

Around the Bay in One Day

We had a great weekend, even though it was a little wet. The girls rented a beach house on Crystal Beach to celebrate Sam's 21st birthday. They even consented to a visit from their parents! We decided to visit with them on Saturday afternoon and then continue on around the bay to see our friends at Channel Marker 17 on Double Bayou. I think it was 150 miles round trip and the first time that we've been all they way around Galveston/Trinity Bay in one day. Other than the rain we had a great time. We played on the beach with the girls and surprised everyone at Channel Marker, they're used to us showing up in a boat, not a car!

Tori did hear back from the Neurosurgeon on Friday. He reviewed her X-rays and MRI films and decided that she does not have Chiari I Malformation. He wants her to see a Neurologist and he recommended one - we scheduled an appointment for next week. That seems to be good news, we went from Neurosurgeon to Neurologist. On another note, she was on vacation with Danny's family last week and broke her leg jumping in the river. I just don't know what to do with that girl! Wait till you see the pictures of her enjoying the beach!

For more pictures of fun at the beach check out this link:

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