Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Troy just got finished with his PET Scan and blood work. Lucky for us, this time the PET Scan was scheduled early in the day and Dr. Amato had the results when he saw Troy this afternoon. No Evidence of Disease! What wonderful news. Dr. Amato is very pleased with Troy's progress and we have until December before the next PET Scan. It's such a relief to hear that news. Thanks for all the prayers!!!!

May you live every day of your life. ~Jonathan Swift

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Anonymous said...

Troy and Deana,

Congratulations for the clean scan and the new grandchild!! A double blessing. I was so glad Kevin contact you on his last visit. We are coming to Houston on September 19 for a week and would love to get together. We are having a birthday celebration on September 20 (my 40, his 50 and Joe's 60) and would love you to come but need your address to send invitation. Please email to I hope this gets to you (I'm not sure what happens to this messsage once I hit publish - it's my first blog visit. Otherwise, we'll call upon our arrival. Once again, contgratulations (great blog). Carrie Baehler