Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Troy just finished with an all day round of blood work and PET Scans and doctor visits. He already received the PET Scan results and the doctor has pronounced him once again - "NED" or No Evidence of Disease! No Cancer! The best news ever. Thank God once again for answered prayers.
Foggy Morning on Trinity Bay

Troy and Deana - Double Bayou 2008

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic, glad to here it again!!
also David got a good review also with a NED after the operation. Still praying for y'all

Lacey Bankhead said...

Troy and Deana: Remember me? We met while voting for the presidential election in The Woodlands. I just now had a moment to check out your site - it's so fabulous, and I'm looking forward to seeing your adventures again soon. Troy, I'm so happy to hear your news on a clean bill of health. When so much tragedy swells in all around, it's so amazing to hear of good news!