Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Medical Update

I don't know why I didn't post this news when we found out. I guess it's because I just couldn't bear to see the words on the screen. We got a call a couple of weeks ago from Troy's oncologist. They had reviewed the last PET Scan and decided that there was an area in his throat that they were concerned about and wanted another look at it (even though we had already gotten the "all clear"). They called him and left that message on a Friday afternoon at 4:30 and then closed down their switchboard. We were obviously concerned and worried and when Troy finally got in touch with them on Monday (late afternoon by the time they called back) we didn't feel much better about the situation. We had been looking forward to four months without any poking and prodding and of course, we couldn't even begin to imagine that the cancer had returned.

Anyway, we tried our best not to worry about it and mostly succeeded. I say mostly because you just can't put something like that out of your mind, no matter how hard you try, you just keep wondering and worrying.

Well - the PET Scan took place yesterday and I am ecstatic to announce that there was still no sign of cancer. What a relief! The doctor believes that it is just some scaring from the radiation and the surgery. No more scans until October. And some really good news - the doctor told us that with esophageal cancer recurrence is 80% more likely to happen within the first two years. Troy was 2 years from his surgery in May!

Now we're in vacation preparation since we leave for Isla Mujeres on Sunday. It's wonderful to be able to look foward to our vacation without this black cloud hanging over us. Look out Isla, here we come!


Doug Locke said...

I'm jealous! Your pictures are great.
Are you going to be able to post pictures while on your long sailing trip?


Anonymous said...

The Admiral and I both saw the medical posting the day you put it out but did not leave a comment. We both had been holding our breath since the news at the shrimp boil. Confratulations on the "NED". Now go on vacation with a clear mind and relax. Raise a glass for us (the ones stuck at work)


Al and Kay said...

Troy and Deana, How wonderful that you received the "all clear. We know how very difficult the "wait" is .... and of course how absolutely fantasticlly fabulous the "all clear" is. Al too is a cancer survivor....

You two have a WONDERFUL Trip!!! We look forward to seeing you when you return. .... Al and Kay Waghorne