Thursday, July 9, 2009

Isla Mujeres, Q. Roo, Mexico

We just got back from a wonderful, fun, relaxing, exciting, entertaining and even educational vacation on our favorite island, the Island of Women in Mexico. I'm happy to report that the beaches are still white and beautiful and the water is just as fabulous as I remembered. We shared our vacation with all the members of Smorcalyana: Steve and Colleen, Patrick and Ted.

Now it's back home and back to work on Storyville. We just bought her a brand new autopilot and we still don't have the generator running yet, or the radar installed, or the....... (insert name of endless boat project here). We decided to make a push and try to have Storyville ready to sail the Harvest Moon Regatta in early October. Let's see if we can get it all done!

I'm also in the process of editing about 500 photos that I took in Mexico and sorting through another 200 or so taken by Patrick and Colleen. After I sort and edit I'll make some new posts sharing our adventures on Isla Mujeres.

In between all this boat work and other fun we're still working our real jobs and also both officers of TMCA (Texas Mariners Cruising Association). Never a dull moment. Stay tuned for Historias de Isla!

Patrick, Steve, Colleen, Ted, Deana, Troy

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