Saturday, June 4, 2011

Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos are beautiful Islands that are a British Overseas Territory. They have a governor that is appointed by the Queen. Interestingly, the island natives or their descendants hold the nationality of British Overseas Territory Citizens and are called “Belongers”. Others that have immigrated there have a “resident status”. We checked in at Providenciales (also known as Provo) and anchored Storyville in Sapodilla Bay. The crescent shaped bay is a beautiful beach that is lined with villas that are mostly vacation rentals.

On our first afternoon there, we decided to head over to the beach with Rene and Stacy for a little beach and sun time. While enjoying ourselves there, Troy and Rene met Frank. Frank and his family were vacationing at one of the villas. You know, it’s really interesting to me how you can meet some people and just hit it off, kind of like you have been friends for years. Frank and his wife Angela were just those kind of people. Of course, they are Texans (from New Braunfels) so that may have something to do with it. Aren’t all Texans known for their hospitality? They invited us up to the beautiful villa to meet their family. It was truly a treat to see such a beautiful house and to meet them all. We are planning to stay in touch and even have plans to meet up in the Virgin Islands for New Years!

Frank and Angela invited the six of us to dinner the next evening. We had one of the most memorable evenings that we have had since we started cruising. Great food, wonderful company, plenty of wine flowing, all in the perfect atmosphere of a beautiful tropical island. Troy and Frank even entertained us with some singing and guitar picking. The next morning Frank and Angela, and their kids A.J., Ryan, Brianna all came out to take tours of Storville and Pipe Muh Bligh. I think we may have sparked a cruising dream with Frank! What a fun and interesting family. Anyway, I hope we can meet them again in the Virgin Islands. We are all looking forward to it.

It was great to meet you all, shout out to - Frank and Angela, A.J. (Frank's daughter), Ryan (future son in law), Cara (Frank's daughter), Dave (Cara's boyfriend), Brianna (Angela's daughter) and Brett (Angela's son)

We happened to be in the Turks and Caicos during the full moon and we had heard that the glow worms that live on the shallow banks mate at an hour after sunset three days after the full moon. Imagine, calendar reading, time telling, sea worms, that glow! This we had to see. There are even paid tours that take boats full of vacationers out to see the phenomenon. Sure enough, we set our alarms as reminders and at exactly an hour after the sunset we began to see glowing shapes in the water. You couldn’t see the worm because they are small, but you would see a glowing shape puff out a small glowing cloud (the female releasing eggs) and then a quick zigzagging glowing shape would zoom toward the glowing cloud (the male fertilizing the eggs). They were all around the boat and out into the bay as far as we could see, like glowing green stars in the water.

Meeting new friends and seeing the wonders of nature at work. Two of the reasons that we are out here cruising!
We spent about a week in Provo then we took a day trip across the shallow Turks and Caicos Banks to start waiting for a weather window to cross to Luperon. About 110 miles from South Caicos. The water was crystal clear and the snorkeling would have been fantastic, but we had another conversation with Chris Parker the day after we arrived in South Caicos and he had us on the move again with a three day window to cross to Luperon. That darn Chris, always has us on the go before we are ready to leave. Never the less, we were excited to make the crossing to Luperon where we will make our home for the next five or six months.

Angela, Deana, Stacy, Rene, Frank, Brianna, Gary, Barbara Troy

Frank and Troy

View of our boats from the balcony

Rainbow over Sapodilla Bay

Cara, Stacy and Rene

A.J., Barbara, Gary and Dave

Brett, Frank, Deana, Troy, Ryan and Brianna

Beautiful Turks and Caicos

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Christy said...

Troy! Deane! This is Christy! :) It's been a while. (Aunt Mary Sue just shared me the link. I'm coming back to FB very soon.)

I love that you both are living your dream! (Wolfgang and I just married one another so I am having a difficult time using punctuation that doesn't go, like, WOW! I think you know the feeling.)

I hope you are safe on the sea. I hear there are storms. Email me.

Love your site. Love you. Miss you both. Maybe we'll all catch up soon.