Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trip to the Mountains

We took a road trip with friends that we met here in Luperon.  Cade and Lisa, who live on their boat, s/v Sandollar took their SUV and we met up with Derrick and Ester at their property up in the mountains.  It was a great road trip and we had a wonderful day touring their new property that has been planted with coffee, bananas and avacados.  The air was cooler up in the mountains and the views were spectacular.  Derrick and Etster will eventually build there.  They are currently renting a small house next to their property.  We were very impressed with the view and with the fertile soil growing everything from ferns to mangos.  The trees even had bromiliads and native orchids on them! We had a great day with wonderful hosts.

Flat tire - just a usual day in Dominican Republic
Tunnel on the way up the mountain
Yes - those are avacodos, just dripping from the trees! Can you tell that I'm excited about that?
Beautiful fern grown on the mountainside
More Bananas
Coffee Beans
Rene and Stacy - Check out the view!
These are grafts on native avacado trees.  Making better avacados!
View from the mountain ridge
Derrick and Ester's sign

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Tux said...

Great pictures. I just found your blog and will enjoy (or is that be tormented) following your travels. Someday it will be me!

misbah6358 said...

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Adam and Nicole Jordan said...

Your stories are fantastic! We will be adding you to our favorites and following you! Happy sailing, may you have calm seas and full sails!

pinnacle security said...

The forest is still a virgin. I admire the people who runs and preserved the area.

Al and Kay Waghorne said...

Sounds like heaven!

mrkaen002 said...

nice blog......

Anonymous said...

Troy & Deana, June? what are you guys doing in November? What ever it is I'm sure you're really diggn'-it.

I haven't checked on you guys in a while, but it looks like D.R. has been great I love Avocados.

Anyway, great blog, keep it up and post more stuff.

Fred & Angie

בתי מלון באילת said...

I love hiking and see all this beautiful fruits that most of the time you see them as merchandise in the supermarket.