Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back in the Hospital

Since we knew that it would take several hours for anything to get started I dropped Troy off at the hospital this morning and went work for a few hours. When I got back at 3:00 pm they were finally sending him down to get his PICC line in place, that took about 20 minutes and we were sent back to his room.

This is our fourth time in this hospital and the first time we didn't get a private room. We are in an older part of the hospital and I was surprised at how much equipment and beds and stuff were jamming the halls. It was shift change and Troy was on a stretcher so it was quite a feat getting him down the hall to his room.

The other patient in his room was a 99 year old man who wears diapers and knows how to use them!! The second we walked through the door a horrible odor hit us. Troy had the "b" bed, farthest from the door so we had to make our way past the other patient, his wife and his daughter. I think they were mistaken, this was a private room and they just shoved two beds into it. There wasn't room to turn around. It was just crazy, I wanted to cry. It smelled horrible, our neighbor was not only incontinent, he was hard of hearing. His wife was telling him all kinds of stories about friends and neighbors and cats and such, all in the loudest voice possible. Troy and I were just huddled together on his bed with the curtain drawn, wondering how we were gonna make it through the night.

As soon as our new nurse walked in she looked at me and whispered "it smells really bad in here". Needless to say, I agreed. She asked if we wanted to change rooms. I told her yes, we did. Troy didn't even know what had taken place - he missed the whole thing. Of course, he was happy to move into the private room next door.

We are finally settled in for the night and the chemo has started. This one is a pretty reddish orange. Interesting, it goes in that color and comes out that color too!

In the book of life, the answers aren't in the back. ~Charlie Brown


Anonymous said...

Hello! I know this wasn't the way you wanted everything to go, but we will pray you'll have a few weeks of chemo and a lifetime of feeling WONDERFUL again!!!
Many, Many years from now you can look back and rejoice that the Doctors took the extra precautions.
Glad you got to change rooms, just reading about that one was bad enough. Guess that guy knows how to make sure he has a private room no matter if it was supposed to be or not. He'll make sure no one can stand to room with him.
Much love and many prayers are with each of you, Esther :)

Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well, and we are praying for yall.. We love yall guys... Love the Channel Marker crew