Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tueday Night

Troy here, it's Tuesday night and I thought I'd post on the blog.. Not too much to report, I'm eating a little better, not quite as sick as yesterday so it must be getting better.. just tired, but that's another side effect we expected. On another subject, we really like the new marina, we're right next to the pool,(that I can't get in ) we park just behind the boat so we don't have to walk far to the boat and we have great neighbors around us. Drawbacks are more money and I can't have my trailer on site, we always have it loaded with toys and tools and I'll miss the convenience of that but that's the rules. We're wanting to take a cruise this weekend to Double Bayou but the weather is looking iffy, I guess we'll see when the time comes to leave. Hey, life is good and thanks to all our friends for helping us out lately, I can't wait to repay some of the favors I've had to call in lately and I appreciate all of y'all. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks...

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