Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Report

We had a great weekend. Troy felt pretty lousy, but at least he had a great place to feel bad in! We sailed to Double Bayou on s/v Remedy. Our hosts, Ed and Marion made us both feel right at home and made sure Troy always had a cool, comfortable place to rest.

We sailed over to Double Bayou with about 10-12 other boats for a TMCA "Gilligan's Island" party. The party was at Channel Marker 17, the bar that our good friends own. Jimbo and Ernestine did a great job feeding everyone a wonderful fried fish dinner. Jamie and Linda kept everyone happy with cold beer and drinks. The band, Tropical Depression, had everyone dancing all night. Everyone had lots of fun. I wish Troy would have been able to join in, unfortunately he spent most of the evening resting on Remedy.

We had a wonderful sail back home. It sure felt good to be back out on the bay under sail! The wind and the company were perfect, we even saw a pod of dolphins. Thanks again to Ed and Marion for taking us along!

Troy had blood work done this morning and an appointment with Dr. Jac. His blood work looks good and he will be continuing with the blood thinners and go back on Thursday for more blood work and to change out his infusion pump. Believe it or not, he forgot to ask the doctor about his PET Scan results, but we figure that we would definitely have been told if they found anything to worry about.

"For me, my craft is sailing on,
Through mists to-day, clear seas anon.
Whate'er the final harbor be
'Tis good to sail upon the sea!"
John Kendrick Bangs

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