Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Report

We had a nice quiet weekend at the boat. Troy felt pretty good on Saturday. We went out to lunch with some friends at Joe Lee's Seafood and Troy ate a whole shrimp po boy - and he didn't even get sick. That's the most he's eaten since before his surgery! Saturday was a pretty good day for him. Sunday was another story - he just didn't feel well all day. I guess it's normal to have some good days and some bad days.

We are contemplating making a move to live on the boat for a while. We are excited about it because we are always there and of course, we love being on the water. We figure we have the perfect opportunity to try it out since Jessica and David (and of course, Tori) will stay at the house. This way we can test drive being "live aboards" without completely committing ourselves and leasing our house to strangers. I'm a little anxious about how to fit all my shoes and purseson the boat and still have room for us! Guess I'll just have to give up most of those for now.

I cannot not sail. - E.B. White

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