Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Favorite from the BVIs - Diamond Cay

One challenge of cruising in the British Virgin Islands is that most anchorages are filled with mooring balls that cost between $25.00 and $30.00 per night.  That might not be a bad thing if you are on a charter and plan on returning to work within the next few weeks, but for us, we would go broke pretty quick if we had to spend that kind of money every day just to "park" our boat somewhere.

We loved to find anchorages where you really could anchor, because, as of now, that is still free!  So that's just one of the many things that we loved about Diamond Cay.  There is good snorkeling there, we saw sea turtles, rays, fish and coral, all just a short swim from Storyville. And you are just minutes away from two of the most beautiful beaches in the BVI, Sandy Spit and Sandy Cay.  There is an awesome bubbly pool that is an easy hike away. There is a wonderful restaurant there, Foxy's Taboo.  I was fortunate enough to celebrate my birthday there this year.  In fact, as we sailed around the islands, we found ourselves returning to Diamond Cay several times.  Click the link above and get some information about Diamond Cay.  Check out the photos and videos below.

Storyville, Pipe Muh Bligh and unknown catamaran anchored at Diamond Cay
Wonderful birthday dinner at Foxy's Taboo (My birthday and Rene's)
View from the top of the Bubbly Pool
Twin boats Libery and Storyville (both Morgan OI)
Poison Trees!  Thanks for the warning about the Manchineel  Tree

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