Sunday, October 21, 2012

Charter Alternate Latitude and sail the Virgin Islands!

Have you ever dreamed about sailing in the US or British Virgin Islands? The islands are beautiful and relaxing and the water is cool, refreshing and so blue that words can't do it justice. We did lots of snorkeling while we were there and saw incredible fish, turtles, rays, cuttlefish and more. The beaches are world class with palm trees ringing white sand beaches. It really is picture postcard perfect. It's an experience that we will never forget, and of course, for those of you who know us, you know that we are planning more sailing in this area early next year. 

If you have followed our blog from the beginning of our cruising experience, then you will remember our friend Captain Steve Schlosser. Steve left Texas with us in December of 2010 on his Tayana 37, s/v Anchor Management. We had a great time in the Bahamas and were really sad when Steve left us to continue on down to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. There, he made a decision to sell Anchor Management and buy a bigger catamaran with plans to charter in the Virgin Islands. He found a Voyage 440 cataraman with 4 separate cabins, each with it's own head. His new boat, s/v Alternate Latitude is big and beautiful and Steve is ready to start booking charters in the Virgin Islands.

For our friends Steve has agreed to give a 10% discount on any charters in the Virgin Islands! Just use discount code "Storyville". So, tell all your friends and be sure to click this link to check out his web site and read all about Alternate Latitude and book your next vacation today! - Alternate Latitude

If you want to experience offshore sailing, or spend a few days in the Bahamas aboard Alternate Latitude, check out the web site for opportunities to sail with Steve on his way down to the islands.

This summer Alternate Latitude will be available for charter in and around Galveston Bay.

Whether you want to sail, party, shop, eat great food, snorkel beautiful reefs, experience the Baths, or take quiet walks on the beach, you can do it all in the US and British Virgin Islands.

CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A FUN FILLED VACATION - ALTERNATE LATUTIDE - and don't forget to use your discount code "Storyville".

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