Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blog Work

If you've been a follower of my blog you might have noticed that I haven't always been right on top of things in the world of Storyville's blog. Since we've had some fairly reliable internet on the boat this summer (a first for us since we left Kemah) I've been trying to make up for my laxness. Is that a word? I'm pretty sure it is and it seems to describe my blogging attitude for the last couple of years.

We purchased a long range wifi system and we couldn't be happier. It's called THE WIRIE and so far, we're very impressed. Click the link to go to their web site and learn all about it. We've only had the chance to use it in Luperon but we're looking forward to tying it out in other harbors and anchorages soon. We have high hopes that we will have better access to the internet as we cruise down island.  So, fingers crossed, I will be able to keep the blog updated with more regularity.

Be sure to check out all the changes that I've made recently.  There are more options on the left side of the blog for you to use to keep up with us and to stay in touch.  I've joined a couple of blog sharing sites and I would love it if my followers would check them out.  Click the "Top Sailing Blogs" badge and give Storvyille a "boost" or start following us on "Network Blogs".  Some of the other cool things to do:

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So don't be shy.  We really love to hear from everyone.  

Beach photo - enjoy!
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