Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Full Moon Party - Trellis Bay, BVI

Fire Sculpture by Aragorn

I really hope that our readers won't mind if I skip around a bit on the blog. I feel like we skipped over blogging about so much of our Virgin Islands experiences for various reasons (lack of a computer, lack of Internet, temporary lack of interest in blogging, etc.). I was looking back through some pictures and decided that I should blog about some of our wonderful adventures and experiences while we were sailing this spring. So I will be posting some about our Virgin Islands adventures and some about our current Luperon adventures as well as keeping up to date on our preparations to sail south once again. Check in often and try to keep up!

In March we spent a fun night at Trellis Bay on Beef Island in the British Virgin Islands. Lucky for us, there is an airport within walking distance and our friends Geoie and Sarah were due to fly in just in time to meet up with us in Trellis Bay. They would spend a week cruising the BVIs with us and staying on Pipe Muh Bligh with Stacy and Rene. The three boats (Storyville, Island Dream and Pipe Muh Bligh) had a great time showing Geoie and Sarah around the BVIs and making sure that we hit all the fun places, all in one weeks time.

It is almost impossible to anchor there as Trellis bay has one of the most dense mooring fields that we have seen so far. Picking up a mooring on a windy day can be a little tricky as the other boats are so closely packed together. Somehow Island Dream managed to anchor, but then Pat is braver than we are. LOL

ROTI = yummy
Locally born artist, Aragorn has a studio there. He has some beautiful pottery and other things, but he is mostly known for his fire sculptures. Every month on the full moon there is a Full Moon Party. Trellis Bay is a very cool place to visit, even if you are not lucky enough to be there for a Full Moon Party, there is a pretty beach with plenty of little shops, restaurants and bars.  Our favorite bar was Da Loose Mongoose and I don't remember the name of the little restaurant, but we had one of the best Rotis ever there. On the night of the full moon, everyone comes out to play. There is local music and crafts, mocko jumbie dancers (local dancers on stilts), fire dancers, a barbecue buffet and some awesome fire sculptures by Aragorn. Some of the fire sculptures are set out over the water. What a fun filled night. It really is a great party and a sight to behold. We are looking forward to another full moon party. I'm thinking January.

More Fire Sculptures

Gonna set it on fire!
Burning Man!

Pat and Darnell of Island Dream (Photobomb courtesy of Troy)
Rene and Stacy of Pipe Muh Bligh

Sarah and Geoie - future cruisers
and Fire Dancing 
Mocko Jumbies

Troy and Rene - not sure why but I find this pic to be hilarious
It really was a full moon
Rasta Man
The most tangible of all visible mysteries - fire.  ~Leigh Hunt


Anonymous said...

I want pics of you on stilts or twirling fire it up ....u 2 deserve this life..the fire sculptures are my f'docker y'all...Donna

Troy and Deana Jones said...

I could totally do it Donna!