Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hospital - Day 2

Here we sit. Second day in the hospital. Troy's feeling a little more nauseous this evening and feeling less like eating. Last night was a little difficult with the sleeping arrangements because they put the IV in his right arm, which is usually my side to sleep on - not to mention that Troy's right handed. They couldn't use the left arm again because the chemo left a large bump and it needs time to heal. Overall we are doing well though.

Troy goes down to receive his radiation treatment every day around 11:15 am. Last time he was in the hospital, we thought that it was interesting that he had to be transported to radiation via a gurney, he was not allowed to walk, or even use a wheelchair. They told him that was "procedure". This time he has been determined to walk himself to radiation. It worked out fine yesterday, we just walked down there before they started the IV for the chemo, so what could they do? Today, they sent a patient transporter to get him (with the gurney). He told her that he wanted to walk. She didn't know what to do - I'm sure she was worried about her job if she cambe back with an empty gurney. Troy assured her that he would clear it with his nurse. the nurse OK'ed his requested and gave them his chart. So - Troy got his way and walked to radiation. Apparently the radiologist was quite amazed so see someone who is receiving chemo walking to radiation. It makes me think that we are so fortunate that he is such a healthy person (other than this little setback!). A little cancer can't keep my pirate down!


Jimbo, Ernestine and Channel Marker Gang said...

Hey guys.. hang in there.. can't wait for you 2 to come over...hope it not to bad on ya Troy.. say it real fast..haha...we love ya'll
Your in our prayers

Mitzi said...

Just want to say, I love you both, brother and sister, and will not cease to pray even after Troy is cured.