Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Weekend!

We finally made it to the weekend! We had been looking forward to getting out on the water and sailing. Our friends Mary and Larry came down to go sailing with us on Saturday. They brought sandwiches from our favorite sub shop (Neptunes Subs). We headed out on the bay at around 10:00. There wasn't much wind, but it sure felt good to get out there and sail. We have been missing that and we both really needed to feel the relaxation of being out on the water under sail. After our sail we took a dinghy ride and enjoyed the afternoon on the water and in the marina.

On Saturday evening we had dinner with more friends, Jean, Greg and Karen. We ate at a Mexican Restaurant (Melys Tex Mex). It was an enjoyable day and Troy felt good all day long.

On Sunday afternoon one of our favorite artists (Hamilton Loomis) was playing for a party on the patio at a bar that's within walking distance from our marina. Check him out at . We decided not to pass up the opportunity to see him play and we had a great afternoon with several of our sailing buddies - Ken, Craig, Richard, Brian and Brian.
It was a wonderful relaxing weekend that we really enjoyed. We were anxious about the tests and doctor appointments that Troy has scheduled for early next week so it was really nice to get away from the worry for a couple of days.

Next week starting on Monday - here is our medical schedule:

Monday - Endoscopic Ultrasound Scope
Tuesday - Lab work, PET Scan, CT Scan, Appointment with Oncologist
Wednesday - Appointment with Surgeon

This has really starting happening so fast that our head is spinning. We still don't have a date for the surgery, but we are beginning to think that it will be sooner than we thought. Troy has been feeling better every day. He's been having some problems with swelling and pain in the are where the chemo was injected. His ankle on the same side of his body has also had some swelling. Dr. Jac prescribed antibiotics, but his arm is still pretty painful.

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