Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jamie's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Jamie!

On Friday Troy picked me up form work and we drove down to Different Drummer for the night. We had plans to drive over to Oak Island or Double Bayou (close to Anahuac) to our friend Jamie's birthday party. We had been looking forward to this party since Troy had been in the hospital. He felt really good that afternoon and we were both excited about see all of our friends in Oak Island. We had a great drive over and I think Troy was really looking forward to one of Ernestine' famous cheeseburgers. We got there and greeted everyone. They all said Troy was looking great. Ernestine was working her butt off in the kitchen (we aren't the only ones that love her burgers!). There was a big crowd and everyone was having a good time. Troy got that cheeseburger and tater tots that he wanted and we went out back on the patio to share it. As soon as he started eating he felt sick. He had to go out to the car for a few minutes, but he did manage to come back and finish his share of the burger. After that, he never really felt good the rest of the night. He spent about 30 minutes resting in the car, then he came back in to the party, but we left pretty soon after that. (Don't worry Ernestine - we'll be back for more burgers)

It's really strange how the chemo and radiation recovery have been affecting Troy. He will be feeling great one minute then nauseous and tired the next minute. I think he is feeling better everyday though, so hopefully he will be feeling lots better by next week. I think he would like to make it down to the boat to do a little work. That would probably work wonders for his morale!

People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember the way you made them feel. - Anonymous

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