Monday, April 30, 2007

The Scope

Today Troy had his second Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS). The first one was done back in January in conjunction with a needle biopsy. That one resulted in his diagnosis, which, by the way, is Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Esophagus. We heard just the words that we wanted to hear today: "significant esophageal tumor and subcarinal lymph node shrinkage". Music to our ears. We thought that the tumor must have shrunk because Troy has been able to swallow so well, but it sure is nice to hear it from a doctor that has actually seen the before and after.

I guess the screaming writhing dot of a tumor isn't feeling so good right now! I'm loving the visualization therapy. This tumor has no idea who it's dealing with. It sure is nice to hear some good news and to know that the therapy has been working.

Tomorrow is more lab work, PET Scan, CT Scan and oncologist appointment. Wednesday afternoon is an appointment with the surgeon. I have an uneasy feeling that we are on the fast track to surgery! I'm pretty scared about that, but for today I just want to enjoy the good news.

Happy Moments - Praise God
Difficult Moments - Seek God
Quite Moments - Worship God
Painful Moments - Trust God

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