Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Blessed in '07 / Boat Re-Naming

The next morning Troy wasn’t feeling any better at all. We decided that we wouldn’t attempt to sail to Smith Point. I think the winds were about 15-20 mph out of the southeast (the direction that we were hoping to sail). Between the winds and Troy’s nausea we decided it would be best to stay at the dock. We were both disappointed, but Troy was feeling so bad that I couldn’t even image being out on the bay battling the wind and waves. We figured we would sail over to Double Bayou on Sunday if he felt better.

Bill was very understanding of the situation. I felt kinda bad because he took Monday off work to go sailing with us, but we all understood that it couldn’t be helped. Bill decided that it would be a good day for a boat re-naming ceremony. He had been planning a ceremony to re-name his sail boat and this semed like a perfect opportunity. Her old name was Shiaway Wind and she was to be re-named Miss Inclined. Bill and our friend Ida and myself discussed a party for that evening. We decided to boil shrimp and rename his boat.

Troy slept most of the day and still didn’t feel any better. We did manage to take a dinghy ride and get out on the water for a few minutes, but I could tell that he just felt lousy. We had just taken a nap when his phone rang. I was our friend Dave. He owns a boat that is the same model as ours and is also on Pier 4 with us. He also ride bikes and is involved with a group called Christian Motorcycle Association. (I sure hope I got that right, I will check with Dave to make sure and correct if needed). They were across the street at Hooters with a booth set up since they were having their annual fundraiser. Dave wanted to know if they could come over and pray with us.

Dave and his wife Judy and about 13 bikers showed up at our boat within minutes. I think that breaks the record for how many people we have had on the boat at one time! They all came below, gathered around us, put their hands on us and took turns praying over us. We felt so blessed that these people who didn’t even know us took the time out of their life to pray for us during these difficult times. How awesome is it that 13 bikers were on our boat praying! They gave us a small sticker that says “I was blessed in 07”. That is so true, they truly blessed us that day. Even though we don’t know each other, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. What a wonderful experience.

And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. James 5:20 NIV

Now it was time for the boat re-naming. Everyone from the dock plus Bill’s sister and brother-in-law (Lynette and Dave) were there. We gathered for the shrimp boil and in true Pier 4 fashion we had plenty of great food and good company. Unfortunately Troy still was feeling pretty lousy, so he spent most of the party sleeping. He did wake up for the actual naming ceremony. Bill, dressed in his nautical finery, and his boat was dressed as well. She was flying all her flags and burgees. Bill paddled his dinghy around and back up to the boat. He stood on the dock box over his boat and said what he had to say, basically something about how a sailboat should never shy away from the wind (Shiaway Wind)! He added some nautical, boat naming stuff then declared her to be Miss Inclined. We all cheered and Bill poured Bud Light over her bow to christen her. She was officially re-named.

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