Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day Three

Troy has given me permission to post some pictures of him.
This is him just after he arrived in the room fresh out of ICU. He's still got lots and lots of tubes and devices attached even though two IVs have already been removed. The NG tube (the one in his nose that drains his stomach) is the one that was causing the most discomfort.

Here he is this afternoon with the dreadful NG tube gone. He working on his breathing and being a model patient (for the moment - LOL)

Troy had a very restful night last night. We both managed to get some much needed sleep. This morning was a little difficult for him as he started to cough up some phlegm and it was really painful and frustrating. Hopefully the breathing treatments and respiratory "toys" will help with that.

The afternoon was much better than the morning. Troy walked 370 feet today. He has so many tubes and wires attached that he had to take his entire entourage with him! Both of the nurses behind him were pushing IV poles, plus there are various other apparatuses hanging from the cart that he is using for support.
There will be a chest xray tomorrow and hopefully they will like what they see. If so, the chest tube can be removed. That will be a very good thing!

Let God's promises shine on your problems. ~Corrie Ten Boom

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