Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sailing at Last!

Troy felt so much better on Monday that we started thinking about sailing over to Double Bayou since I don’t have to be back at work until Thursday. We decided that he would take his shot and we would shower and do a few things around the boat and just see how he felt in an hour or so.

At about noon we headed out for Double Bayou. The bay was pretty rough and wavy with troughs that were several feet high. It was a rough ride at first, but we were determined and I figured that if this wasn’t making Troy sick then we would be fine. We made it out to the North Boater Cut (to cross the Houston Ship Channel) and we could see that they were dredging or had some other major operation going on there. We thought it would be a good idea to avoid that area and cruise over to the South Boater Cut.

Once we crossed the ship channel we suddenly remembered why we love sailing so much. I have never really attempted to use the written word to describe that feeling, but this was so awesome, that I will try. OK, close your eyes (well maybe you should read this first with your eyes open, then close them to get the full effect), feel the wind on your face, hear the sound of the sea against the boat. The seas calmed, the winds were about 10 mph out of the east, we were close hauled on a starboard tack with the auto pilot on and headed right for our destination. The boat was heeled over at 10-15 degrees, the sun was shining, the sound of the water against the boat was soothing and everything in life was perfect at that moment in time. Life is good! We sat up on deck enjoying everything and trying to soak it all in. We sailed along just like that for about 2 ½ hours. Finally… that perfect sail that we have been craving for months.

We arrived at Double Bayou with no problems. After we got settled in we had a great visit with our friends at Channel Marker and enjoyed a great cheeseburger. Today… life is good.

Troy has agreed blog a little (I know, it's shocking to see him actually post on his blog!):

Troy here... we did have quite the weekend, I hate being sick and missing what’s going on around me, but I guess that’s part of the gig, anyway, we did have a perfect sail over to Double Bayou on Monday, the wind was just right and the bay went from choppy to pretty smooth on the Trinity Bay side. It just reminded me of why I love the boat and sailing, It’s just so great to be on the water with my best friend and partner (Deana) We got to Double Bayou and had some good food, I’m eating well right now, so I’m trying to eat while I can, I think it’s going to be some time before I have a steak sandwich after the surgery next week! After dinner, we put the motor on the dinghy and took a ride up the east fork of Double Bayou, it’s just beautiful out there, then we rode out to the entrance of the Bayou and watched the sunset over the bay... We spent some more time with our friends then watched a movie on the boat.. then good night!

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Mitzi said...

So Delighted to here You Both Got to enjoy Sailing Sunday, Its so nice to take time and actually get to sit down and read, all the beautiful words you write, Deana. I want you to know, I am a sorry sister, for not calling and telling you how much I Love YOU. But I know You Know, That I love you! And I do think about you and Troy all the time. Be Strong. And know I am Praying for you Both, Next week will be here and Gone before you both know it. And Life will begin again on Different Drummer Only with(Cancer Free Troy)sailing a beautiful Sailboat with the most beautifulest Women In The World. My SISTER DEANA.