Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Troy finally got to paddle his kayak yesterday afternoon! He hasn't been able to paddle since before his surgery (because of the recovery and the PICC line). We went for a nice long paddle when I got home from work. The weather was perfect and Troy got to work on strengthening his arms and shoulders. It felt great.

This weekend is the "In The Water Boat Show" at Watergate Marina. Check it out at: http://houstonboatshow.com/ If anyone is interested it is a great chance to see some awesome yachts.

"If a man is to be obsessed by something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most."
-E. B. White


bowman1106 said...

Troy & Denna! It is great to hear you are getting back in shape! I understand having the muscles cut in surgery and it is hard to get going again. However, you will be supprized as to how quickly it starts feeling so good to strengthen those old muscles. Kayaks sound like fun exercising. I need more exercises myself. I am back at the walking after a short break while Tammy and I took care of 2 grandchildren while their Mom was in the hospital. Or at least we are now recovered from it. I sure do love yall! We miss yall very much! We are leaving for a two week trip Nov. 15th. We have a multi-state tour to make so we can take my Mother to visit family and friends.

Love Yall!


richard said...

Troy and Denna,

Double Bayou sounds great! We're glad that Troy is feeling better.
The vacation pictures looked great!! We miss seeing you guys. Maybe we'll catch you guys sometime soon. Have a great Christmas!!

We are thinking of going skiing about the 2nd of Jan. are you interested?

Richard and Glenda