Friday, September 21, 2007


This is it - it's over and done! Troy saw Dr. Jac yesterday and the chemo pump and PICC line were removed. He doesn't even have to go back to see the doctor for a whole month. That's a milestone considering that all year he's been to the doctor or hospital almost weekly (at least several times each month). No more tubes, lines or chemicals!!!!!

It feels good to know that now his job is just to feel better and get stronger. There will be another PET Scan in December, but right now that seems like forever away.

We are looking forward to sailing, enjoying our boat and taking a nice long vacation for Troy's birthday coming up in October.

By the way - I like to get comments from everyone reading our blog, so don't forget that you can post comments to us and we love to hear from you!

Cancer is a word, not a sentence. ~John Diamond


Anonymous said...

Some of us would rather lerk than post. Lots of us read and never post. We have followed Troy’s progress from afar. I have to agree with your quote, when you are diagnosed with cancer it takes over all aspects of your life. A lot of time that is all that anyone wants to talk to you about. Your life, in more ways that one is all about cancer. Trust me, it does get better

Troy and Deana Jones said...

Who is this? The post is from Anonymous. I am guessing Lynette. Am I right?

tammy said...

Hey you two! You're right, I should tell you more often when I'm reading about you! I'm not the anonymous one, though! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! Love you both, Tammy

Anonymous said...

Shame on me, for note commenting sooner. Every since we learned of this Blog, we've been keeping up with you guys and Troy's progress. Troy you've got the best weapons against life's adversities, a loving wife and family, and a great attitude. Russell , Tina, Mother & Daddy, Angie & I are all thinking good thoughts for you, and I'm sure a prayer now and again.


Anonymous said...

Troy, I appreciate that you gave me your webpage address. I have been keeping up as I have kept you in my prayers. I am so very pleased to read that you have reached such a milestone. No more chemo! That is wonderful!


Carolyn A Whatley said...

Hello Troy & Deana, our prayers for you have been answered even way over here in Deville. We'll keep praying!

Anonymous said...

Actually the first anonymous was me John Allison, I just was to lazy to register

qfmark said...

Hey Troy and Deana,

It's been a month since I've checked the blog. Glad to hear that all is well and no more Chemo!

Love the pics from Mexico!

Send us your location....Lisa and I will come for a visit one of these days!

All the Best