Monday, September 10, 2007


Troy is still hangin' in there. The last couple of days have been a little difficult because he has been nauseous and just feeling bad in general. He says that he can feel the chemicals in him. He is so ready to feel better. I sure am glad that we are nearing the end of chemo, I really can't wait to see him feeling better.

We're planning to sail to Double Bayou this weekend. It's our favorite sailing destination and Troy is ready to get out there on the water. We can't wait to see our friends on Oak Island (Double Bayou). I just hope he's feeling better so that he can enjoy the weekend (funny how it's Monday and I'm already looking forward to the weekend).

To feel keenly the poetry of a morning's roses, one has to have just escaped from the claws of this vulture which we call sickness. ~Henri Frederic Amiel

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