Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Report

We had a great weekend. Troy is definitely feeling better everyday. He had a good day on Saturday (with the exception of our boat motor breaking down). We had our friends Robert and Carolyn spend the weekend with us on the boat and we all went to the Latitudes and Attitudes First Annual Gulf Coast Cruisers Party. What a long name for a party! Troy had a great time listening to the live music (Eric Stone Band) and we stayed at the party until 11:00 pm! Everyone had a good time.

I was happy that Troy stayed out of bed for most of the day on Saturday. I think that's the day I was looking for. The first one where he is out of bed more than he is in bed. That shows definite improvement. He is still having trouble sometimes when he eats - he feels sick afterwards. But it's good to see him feeling better.

We are spending all day Monday at the Medical Center with several doctor appointments. I will be sure to post again later tonight with the latest news.

Don't dream your life, live your dream. ~Bob Bitchin

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